Whitianga Oceans Festival deferred to 2022

Hello to you all who have purchased a ticket for the Whitianga Oceans Festival.

We have the extremely disappointing, but perhaps not unexpected, news that we are unable to run the festival on Saturday 18th September this year due to the impact of Covid-19.

You and your friends are the people that we create this festival for. In buying a ticket you give us the confidence to create an exciting festival, including the chefs, the musicians, the great food and beverages etc. We are very appreciative of the 4,000 of you who were to be part of the anticipated crowd of 5,500 attending the Whitianga Oceans Festival at our exciting new venue.

The event is run by a not-for-profit Trust whose only goal is to be of benefit to the Whitianga Community. For many years this festival has provided great income for the Whitianga hospitality sector and for many local community groups as a fund raiser. Sadly, as with 2020, this will not be the case in 2021.

Please be assured that we are committed to running an annual festival and are already starting to plan for September 2022.

Ticketing options

Whilst we sold the tickets with no guarantee of a refund, we have made the decision to offer all of you who purchased a ticket to the 2021 Festival two options:

  1. Transfer your ticket to the next Whitianga Oceans Festival to be held in September 2022 – Or
  2. Receive a refund of $30 per ticket purchase.

In making your decision please click on the link below.

Terms and Conditions of your ticketing choice:

  1. You must make a decision for a refund by 30th September 2021 otherwise it will be assumed that you are choosing to transfer your ticket to the September 2022 event.
  2. If you bought a group of tickets then your choice to transfer or refund applies to all in your group.
  3. Ticketing fees are not refundable.
  4. If you do transfer your ticket, then you will be issued with a 2022 ticket once tickets go on sale in 2022.
  5. Any deferred tickets will be under the same terms and conditions as 2021 – refer to point 6 below
  6. Due to the committed costs of organising events, if a force majeure event occurs, meaning the event has to be cancelled, the Organiser may, in its sole discretion:
    1. provide a full refund for the ticket(s) purchased; or
    2. provide a partial refund for ticket(s) purchased; or
    3. transfer the ticket(s) to an alternative event date; or
    4. decline to provide any refund.

For complete terms & conditions read here. Please be assured that as with 2021, we will always strive to at least provide a transfer or partial refund.

We wish you well for the rest of 2021 and hope that 2022 provides a safer and more stable general and event environment.

On behalf of the Whitianga Oceans Festival Organising Committee

Kind regards
Linda Bird (Chairperson) and Nick Reader (Coordinator)